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Custom Greeting Cards

We all buy greeting cards each year as thank you's for our clients. It's time to make a change and stop the cycle of deforestation and waste production. Together we can work together by moving to sustainable products.

Plantable Greetings is a zero waste, carbon negative company. Our greeting cards are made with recycled pulp from post consumer waste. NO TREES ARE CUT DOWN.

When the recipient is done with our cards they can plant it in soil and it will biodegrade & grow flowers. As an added bonus we donate to plant 2 trees for every card sold.

7 Amazing Benefits

🌱 Plant Our Cards & Watch Flowers Grow
🐝 Every card helps the Bee's
🇨🇦 100% Canadian Made
👩‍🎨 All Cards are designed by Local Artists
🌲 Each Card Sold Plants 2 Trees | Over 12,000 Planted
⏰ Cards are guaranteed up to 4 years
🌎 Our cards are certified to be planted in Canada, USA & Europe

How long do they last

All of our cards are guaranteed for 4 years. If you keep them stored in a cool dark place they can last alot longer than 4 years :)

Can I Make Custom Cards?

Of Course, follow this link for our custom cards section
Click Here For Custom Cards

Do you offer wholesale?

We do offer wholesale & We would love to work with you.

Please reach out to to get signed up.

Shipping Information

All of our shipments are packing using compostable materials.

We ship to Canada & The United States.

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